Background history - our friendship with Thailand

King Chulalongkorn was revered in his home country of Siam. But he was ill. In 1907 he came to Homburg in search of a cure, and he found it. Out of gratitude, he gifted a temple to the town, which was made in Bangkok, dismantled, and shipped over in individual parts. The building arrived in Homburg at the end of 1910. Some parts had, however, gone missing and two-thirds of the glazed roofing tiles had broken. As a result of the delay, it was not until May 22, 1914 that the Siamese Temple was inaugurated in the presence of Prince Mahidol of Siam.

King Chulalongkorn was eager to see the building he had gifted, but, unfortunately, he died in 1910.

His gift did, however, lay the foundation stones for the particularly close relationship between Thailand and Bad Homburg, as evidenced by numerous visits by members of the Thai Royal Family, and by the annual memorial services at the Thai-Sala.